About the SAGE Institute for Mindfulness and Health

The SAGE Institut was founded in Berlin in 2016.

Mindfulness, in combination with techniques of self-awareness and reflection, has a highly transformative and health-promoting potential for the individual as well as for society.

With our work at SAGE, we want to promote this potential of mindfulness in society, with an emphasis on the health sector.


Our work includes:

  • Seminars and events on the topics of mindfulness, personal development and health
  • Research: Based on project work and studies with university partners we empirically explore and test the effects of mindfulness interventions in combination with other approaches and methods of personal development.
  • Evaluation and applied research: We evaluate our own and third-party programs and interventions in the body-mind field.
  • Development of mindfulness-based interventions, course curricula and manuals. By developing innovative programs for health and society, we want to further increase the social acceptance of mindfulness as a health-promoting measure.

Mindfulness Courses and Retreats in English

We organize several silent meditation retreats each year. Most retreats are 5–10 days long and can be attended by both beginners and experienced meditators. Some of the retreats are taught in English. Most of them take place at Buddhistisches Haus, Berlin-Frohnau.

SAGE offers many more practice opportunities in German language, including a monthly practice group (see our course program in German).


Upcoming retreats in English


  • October 23-27, 2024 4-day retreat with Zen-Master Shi Yuanyan


Terms of participation

If you want to register for one of our courses, please find the terms of participation here.