Sardinia Retreat 2024

Mindful time-out

1-Month Silent Retreat

 November 1-30, 2024

Location: Solanas, South-Sardinia

Course language: English and German


About the Retreat

This „Dharma time-out“ is intended for all those who feel the need to be on their own for a longer period of time, unbound by everyday duties, in order to make space for deeper questions and processes.

Nature, mindfulness and silence will be the container of the experience unfolding.

The focus will be on your own experience and the mindfulness practice that develops from it.

The structure of the retereat will be daily meditation sessions with one guided session per week, supported by group discussions as required.

There will be times of group meditation practice (with and without guidance) as well as sharing in the group. Participation in these activities is, however, merely voluntary. 

Participation in the retreat requires a willingness to help as part of mindful work. The work on site includes preparing meals, taking care of the kitchen and cleaning the rooms/bathroom facilities.

Participation only with previous experience in mindfulness and meditation (minimum retreat experience of 4-days reatreat).

 We are still in the planning phase, please rsvp your interest, questions and indicate your sleeping preferences

Costs: Course fee 100€; overnight stay 250-600€ (depending on sleeping place); The costs for meals will be calculated proportionally for all participants at the end of the seminar (estimated costs).

The retreat is only for experienced practitioners.


Course Teacher

Dr. Julia Harfensteller teaches mindfulness and insight meditation in the Vipassana tradition. Her teaching is based on her 20 years of meditation experience, often under the guidance of teachers from the Theravada Buddhist tradition in East and West but also from the Tibetan tradition (among others, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, Dhammajiva, Bhante Rahula, Upul Gamage, Sharon Salzberg, Roshi Joan Halifax, Fred van Allmen, Tsoknyi Rinpoche).

During her several months of retreats in Asia, she has visited and got to know centers of various traditions in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand. These include centers of S.N. Goenka, but also other centers of the Mahasi tradition (Chanmyay Yeiktha, Sayadaw U Janaka) and Pa Auk, but also with teachers whose names she has long since forgotten. Later she intensively studied the Advaita tradition (Ramana Maharishi, Mahesh Maharishi).

For various reasons, Julia has increasingly moved away from traditional teaching methods of strict meditation discipline (e.g. S.N. Goenka) and found her own approach through the open and everyday approach of S. U Tejaniya.

Julia emphasizes a relaxed awareness with all that is in the here and now. Her style is non-esoteric and undogmatic, humorous and open.



  • Respecting the periods of Noble Silence during the retreat
  • Full registration

Further general conditions of participation can be found here.


Retreat Start and End

to be confirmed.


Venue, Accommodation and Meals

Venue: Solanas, South-SardiniaSolanas

  • approx. 60 min. from Cagliari airport by car, from Cagliari to Solanas you can get a bus from the main station (approx. 1-3hours, depending on the route)
  • approx 3,30hrs from Olbia by car; there is a train connection between Olbia and Cagliari which takes approx. 4,30hrs; from Cagliari you take

Accommodation options:

  • Single, double or triple bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities
  • Sleeping in your own tent or camper on site
  • External accommodation


All participants will be served breakfast, lunch and a light evening meal. All meals are vegetarian. Vegan options are available on the buffet.


The accommodation is organized by the SAGE Institut. Please indicate your accommodation preferences at registration with SAGE. Also, please mention food allergies and special food intolerances (e.g., gluten intolerance).



Please note that the retreat is still in the planning phase. Therefore we can only make an approximate estimate of the costs, except for the course fees.

The costs include a course fee + teacher donation +  donation accommodation & food.

Course fee: 100€

Accommodation: 300-800€ (depending on sleeping place)

Meals: The costs for meals will be calculated proportionally for all participants at the end of the seminar (estimated costs 250-300€ p.p. for 30 days).

The course fee is needed for full registration and is paid upon online-registration with SAGE. The donations for the teacher as well as for the accommodation are paid in cash on site. Usually, donations for the house are given at registration on site and donations for the teacher are given at the end of the retreat.



To register, please read the conditions of participation and fill in the registration form on our website (klick the link-button below.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that the course fees need to be transferred for a binding registration.


Any questions? Need Help?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have, including accommodation via phone (+49-30-2637-2067) or email (info[at] If you do not find someone by phone, leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.